Is Your Pet Exibiting Mild to Extreme Behavioral Problems?

Dog Pulling on LeashAs part of our animal behavior counseling services, our experienced veterinarians will discuss with you in length your pet's behavior issues. Depending on the case, we may conduct a physical exam to search for any possible signs of illness or other ailments. Further veterinary diagnostic testing using digital x-rays, ultrasound, an electrocardiogram, or our in-house laboratory could follow.

In addition to sickness or other physical contributors, your pet's lifestyle and living environment are other avenues we will explore. Proper exercise, socialization, nutrition, sleep, and daily structure are all vital to your pet's health and happiness. Our veterinarians can provide you with appropriate lifestyle guidelines customized to the individual needs of your pet. Subtle changes in exercise or even a more nutritious diet, for example, can greatly improve your pet's behavior.

Some cases may require additional pet and owner behavioral training. In such instances, we are happy to recommend local animal behavioral trainers that would best suit you and your furry friend.

Common Small Animal Behavior Problems

  • Aggression toward people or other animals
  • Separation anxiety from owners or other family pets
  • Thunderstorm phobia
  • Unruliness
  • Self-mutilation
  • Destruction
  • Compulsive disorders (repeatedly performing a behavior to the extent that it interferes with everyday life) like tail chasing, shadow chasing, licking, fly snapping, spinning, pacing, chewing, and toy fixation
  • Nuisance actions such as excessive barking, digging, playful biting, scratching, and jumping

What Can Cause Animal Stress, Anxiety, and Pet Behavior Problems?

  • Confinement to small living areas
  • Deprivation of exercise and playtime
  • Lack of social contact with people or other animals
  • Erratic or unruly punishment and physical abuse
  • Inconsistent daily schedule
  • Malnourishment
  • Unstructured and disorderly training
  • Sleep and rest deprivation

If your pet is exhibiting any behavioral issues, please request an appointment with us to discover a solution.