With the rapidly evolving spread of COVID-19, we ask that you follow these new guidelines in order to protect the health of our clients and employees.

If you are sick with a fever, cough, or respiratory symptoms and your pet needs medical attention:

  • You must call ahead. We can help determine if your pet needs medical attention and give you instructions on how to best proceed.
  • If it is determined that your pet needs to be seen in our hospital, we will ask that someone else that is not showing symptoms bring your pet to the hospital on your behalf.

If no one can bring your pet on your behalf and it is an emergency we will direct you to call the following hospitals:

  • VCA Weymouth - (781) 337-6622
  • CCVS Bourne - (800) 457-4900
  • West Bridgewater AEC - (508) 580-2515

Pug in the grassWe are proud to announce that we're partnering with the Plymouth Area Coalition on 149 Bishop's Highway to collect pet food for their food pantry. Our goal is to collect 500 pounds of food by our open house on May 5, 2019 but collections will be ongoing. 

Donations can be dropped off at our hospital during open business hours.

Dr. Patricia HessDr. Pat Hess will stop seeing office appointments beginning January 1, 2019.

Although she will not have a regular clinic day, we are fortunate that she will be available to provide dental care for us on Mondays.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition recently put out a voluntary recall on their canned food products due to potentially elevated levels of vitamin D. Although animals benefit from vitamin D, ingesting too much of it can lead to potential health issues. Luckily, in most cases, complete recovery is expected after discontinuation of the canned food.

Hill’s is working in coordination with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to get the affected products recalled. As of right now, the recall only extends to canned food and does not apply to dry food, cat food, or other treats.

new kingston lobbyWe are pleased to let you know that we are no longer under construction.

Our remodeling project has finished. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout the long renovation process.

We look forward to better serving you and your pets with our new and improved facility!

Check out our completely renovated hospital below:

New Appointment HoursIn addition to her existing Thursday and Friday hours, Dr. Michelle Rudin will now be seeing patients on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm!

We always look forward to seeing you and your pet at Kingston Animal Hospital!

Please call the office to schedule an appointment at (781) 585-6525.

What is Canine Influenza?

Canine Influenza is caused by the Canine Influenza Virus (CIV), an influenza A virus. It is a contagious respiratory disease in dogs. Currently, two strains of CIV have been identified in the United States - H3N8 virus and H3N2 virus.

What are the signs?

canine-flu-h3n8-h3n2-strainsMild form - Dogs suffering from the mild form of CIV develop a soft, moist cough that can persist for 10-30 days. They may also be lethargic, febrile, and have a decreased appetite. Sneezing and eye and nasal discharge may also occur.

Severe form -Dogs with the severe form develop a high fever and show signs of pneumonia. These signs include increased respiratory rates and effort. Fatal cases of pneumonia caused by infection of Influenza have been reported in dogs, but the fatality rate is less that 10%. Most dogs recover in 2-3 weeks.

How is CIV spread?

Canine Influenza spreads easily between dogs. The virus is shed in nasal secretions during the 2-4 day incubation period. During this period, dogs do not show signs of illness, so they are contagious before showing signs that they are sick.

Should I vaccinate my dog?

We know how busy day-to-day life can be for everyone, and we don't ever want a pet's medical treatment to be delayed due to a scheduling conflict. So we are pleased to announce that we are now accepting drop off appointments!

cat at the vetPlease call (781) 585-6525 and we will be happy to schedule a drop-off appointment for your pet. When you arrive, simply check in your pet and leave a telephone number so we can reach you. Our staff will assist you in completing a checklist of your concerns. 

One of our veterinarians will call you after we have completed a thorough physical examination to discuss our findings and let you know when your pet is ready for pick up. We may also discuss additional testing or other recommendations regarding medications and ways we can help keep your pet healthy. We will never perform any testing or treatments without giving you an estimate and getting your consent, therefore, it is essential that we be able to reach you by phone during the day.

We hope that our drop off appointments make things just a little bit easier for our clients. Feel free to call us if you have questions!

Why We Recommend Year Round Heartworm Prevention

Dog Heartworm DiagramAt Kingston Animal Hospital, we recommend you give your dog heartworm prevention every month throughout the year. Mosquitos may not be present in the cold winter months, but heartworm prevention like Heartgard Plus also protects your dog (and you!) against dangerous intestinal parasites like hookworms and roundworms, whose eggs are hardy enough to survive even the deepest freeze.

Giving heartworm prevention year round will help you keep your pet healthy and avoid costly veterinary bills for years to come.

Proper dental care helps to not only prevent bad breath and discomfort for your pet, but can also eliminate the risk of serious liver and kidney problems down the road.

dachshund with toothbrushTo promote good oral hygiene as a preventive step in your pet's well-being, Kingston Animal Hospital is offering $50 off pet dental cleanings for anyone who books a dental on the same day it is recommended!*

Call us at (781) 585-6525 for more information. Learn more about the importance of pet dental and oral care here.

*Pre-surgical exam is required prior to a cleaning.

Puppies PlayingBring two or more pets to Kingston Animal Hospital for a wellness exam and receive 15% off your bill!*

Call us at (781) 585-6525 for further information.

*Offer valid for exam and medications only.