The ever so popular Kong toy - who would have thought there's a right way and a wrong way to fill one? Our technician Jenna explains how.

Many people have asked how my Kongs end up occupying some dogs for over 30 minutes… Mostly it is because I mix the wet food thoroughly with the kibble and then freeze the entire Kong.

It is also important to choose a Kong that fits the normal amount of food you give your dog for each meal. I stuff an XXL Kong with just over 1 cup of dry food, and it occupies my 9-month foster puppy (a Labrador retriever) for 30-45 minutes when fully frozen. Of course every dog is different, so you may want to adjust the proportion of wet food to dry food. I use roughly 1 ounce of wet food with the 1 cup of dry kibble. Using more wet food should make the Kong last longer.

You could also use other wet ingredients to mix with the kibble - just be sure it is safe for dogs. If you choose to use peanut butter, check to be sure that it DOES NOT contain xylitol!